Welcome to Total Secure Scan

We provide customised scanning and imaging solutions that transfer your paper documents & files to an Electronic record.

We are an innovative business which realizes that by improving your companys internal
operations it is therefore increasing and growing your revenue.

Our Services

  • Text extraction
  • Document conversion
  • Invoice processing
  • Survey processing
  • Archive scanning

We specializing in large format scanning

  • Technical Drawings
  • Architectural drawings
  • Engineering drawings
  • Geological maps & surveys
  • Drill Logs
  • Arial photos
  • Satellite images

Our Partner

IPS offers digital mailroom, workflow and archiving services, all built on intelligent capture technology with near-perfect 99.995 percent data accuracy. The Secaucus, N.J., company combines human intelligence, best-in-breed technology, customer-specific business rules and rigorous quality control in a cloud-based environment, resulting in maximum compliance, security and ROI.

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Huge Benefits for

  • Lawyers & Solicitors…
    Icon Lawyers Why go to court with Assistants and Sack-trucks filled with document boxes… Take a laptop and some CDs instead.
  • Offices…
    Icon Offices If you allocate huge amounts of valuable floor space to shelving and filing storage systems… save yourself huge dollars DIGITISE your paper.
  • Medical Professionals…
    Icon Medical Imagine immediate electronic access to all your patient records from any location: Referrals; Allergy reports; Test Results; Medical Plans; Emergency Contact Details…
  • You…
    Contact Total Secure Scan now to discuss your own specific requirement and receive a quote. We can tailor a plan to suit your specific needs.


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